Ray DelBrocco  -  Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals

Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Ray has been playing guitar and keyboards since the age of ten. Ray has been fortunate to play in several successful bands including "Trixx",  "Jynx" and now  "Rock Radio". Until "Rock Radio", Ray was most proud of "Trixx" which may have been the first tribute band in the area.  The last set of every gig was  dedicated, non-stop music,  to one of several different artists "Trixx"  would replicate.  At the time, "Trixx" was honored as Scene Magazines favorite band.

Mike Raymond  -  Vocals/Guitar/Percussions

Besides being a karaoke singer, Mike didn't perform his first live music gig until he was 26 after his roomate's band lost their lead vocalist unexpectedly and were desperate for a replacement. After pulling off the one-nighter quite sucessfully, Mike and his roomate began working on writing original songs and covers for a few years. Mike has been a member of several other projects since his accidental introduction to the world of live perfomances finally finding a home with Rock Radio. Mike is Rock Radio's primary vocalist and entertainer who plays an Ibanez acoustic-electric guitar, hums the harmonica, shakes the tamborine and eagerly awaits the "More Cowbell!" cries from the audience. 

Jim Nadin  -  Lead Guitar/Vocals

Jim has been a seasoned Cleveland and Akron guitarist and singer for many years.  He has played in various groups with many different musical styles such as Rock, Blues, Country, Big band, and Motown.  He has been quoted as saying  "I am now playing the same material that I first learned when I was 15 years old and it is still working today, WHO KNEW?  HAVE FUN!".

Tom Ostrowski - Drums/Percussions/Vocals

In 1975 Tom began playing in bands...mostly in the Cleveland and Akron areas. Tom has played on TV and Radio appearing on the Trivisono show several times. Most recently, Tom played in a band called "State Road" which was voted the best 90's band in 2012 by Cleveland Magazine. He also played with "77 South" which was the house band for Brownstown on channel 3 and for the Browns Backers. This band performed at the Browns Stadium as well as Gund Arena and Jacobs field. Tom has opened for Restless Heart, The Temptations and Hermans Hermits. His favorite thing to do is play drums, sing and just have a good time !! 

Chuck Roast - Bass/Vocals

So, what do ya get when ya take 300 lbs. of pure 100% Slovak beef chuck, mix it with potatoes, carrots and onions? Welp...you get a stew of the grooviest basslines ya ever heard! Chuck Roast has been playin' bass longer than the recommended cooking time of 3 hours at 250 degrees - that's for sure. He's got at least 25 years of cookin' in the pot O' Cleveland. Stick a fork in 'em outta the oven, and he's ready! Taaaasty basslines! And remember...before cooking, don't trim the fat 'cause it's for the flavor. Enjoy!!

Michael Victor - Sound Engineer

Michael previously worked with Aggressive Sound Company and is now the owner of Live Edge Sound in Kingsville. Michael has agreed to come on board with us and we’re thrilled to have him as a key member of our band.

In Memory of a Rock Radio Brother, Great Bass Player and Friend, Larry Keller. You will always be a part of our family and our Music !

Larry Keller - 5 String Bass/Vocals

Larry started playing music at the age of 8. He reluctantly played accordion (mother made him!) for 5 years, guitar for 3 years and finally finding a home on bass guitar when he was a sophomore in High School. Since then, Larry has performed at over 2,000 events, or as he liked to put it - over 225 stages. He has played some very impressive venues like: The House of Blues, The Agora (Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo), WMMS Appreciation Days and many top tier local clubs. Larry has played with the most talented local Cleveland musicians for years in Cities all across the country. Larry's was reputed in musical circles as one of the best bass players in town and was known for his versatility, accuracy, dynamics and very tasteful  presentation of the bass guitar. 

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